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Members seeking to buy and/or sell WWI aircraft related items may post them here.    Send your information and picture(s) to Brad Smith at .


For Sale:  
Graham Lee Replica WWI Nieuport (French Biplane Fighter) Project
Includes:  Plans Book, Tips and How To Book, Materials for Fuselage, Tail,
Landing gear struts, Wheels, Tires, Tubes, Cabane Struts, Stainless Firewall
Material & Spun Aluminum Engine Cowling, Tubing Plug Kit
Asking $1000.00

Bruce Spicer, 5172 Hwy 12, Lot 1A, River Junction RV Park
P.O. Box 14, Kooskia, Idaho 83538 Phone: 208-926-8890

For the pictures below:

Entire instrument panel $250 came out of my VW powered replica Nieuport

Tailwheel $125 mounts on a 3/4” tube

Facet pump $20

ACS throttle cable 5' $45

Used Slick 4216 mag $350

ACS seat belt shoulder harness set $50

Dual Weber 34ICT carb setup $200

VW exhaust pipes $50

Graham Lee plans built aluminum fuel tank $200


Frank Nowak

275 Wood St.

Bristol, RI 02809

401 253 1978


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