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We'want your videos. 
We're always on the lookout for members aircraft /project videos.
If you got one, please send to BRAD SMITH at

Great War Association ParticipationHere's a link to a video shot at Newville Pa. where, for a weekend,  the Great War Association gathers in November and April to relive trench warfare of 1918.  The GWAA is thrilled to provide air cover for those poor bastards in the trenches:  

(Videos courtesy of "Weekend Warbirds")

WWI Aviation Experience:

Using a little propeganda:

1909 Gnome Rotary Engine Run-up:  Here's Tom Kozura's original 1909 Gnome rotary engine being run at the 2009 Dayton Dawn Patrol Rendezvous:                  

SE5a Fly-by:  
Here's Craig Garrett doing a low level pass firing his Lewis gun:       

 SE5a Tail Camera: Craig Garrett flying his McCuddin SE5a with a tail cam installed:

 Promotional video from Frank Ryder: Airdrome 92 footage, interviews, and more.  This was created by the late Frank Ryder to promote the Airdrome fly-in/airshow series: 


Airdrome 92 home video: Chuck Garrett's home video footage from Airdrome 92:


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