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Who Are We?

We all know life is a series of constant change. Our lives are in flux,

no matter the age or the time of life. The GWAA is no different.
As its members change, the organization must also change to
keep up with shifting interests and preferences. The GWAA’s
leader for many years, Fred Murrin, has decided it’s time to make
changes in his life. Consequently, Fred is stepping down as
President, meaning a big life change has come to me as your new
GWAA President. Rick Bennett has agreed to once again take on
the newsletter, while Butch Witlock is our new Treasurer. We owe a lot to Fred
Murrin and his retiring officers and count on their continued support.
Now, some of you are flying scale WWI aircraft, others full-size, some are still in the

process of building, while another segment doesn’t yet fly but loves the idea. What we all
have in common is our unflagging interest in this very special period of aviation and
military history and its early technology. One of the big changes we want and need for the
GWAA is more intense member participation in the running of the organization and its
events. And that can happen by providing multiple gatherings that meet our diverse
interests and won’t necessarily empty our wallets.
Since 1994, I’ve held a WWI fly-in and builders’ symposium here in the Kansas City area -
every Father’s Day weekend at Gardner, Kansas. About the same time, the GWAA
partnered with the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, for a biennial rendezvous. The
next rendezvous will be September 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the
start of World War I. And as you know, the GWAA is also involved with the Great War
Association at its WWI reenactment site in Newville, PA. (I assure you, that one is a
blast!) We’re now discussing the possibility of affiliating The Gathering of Eagles here in
Kansas with the GWAA. The GWAA is also in the planning stage of adding an annual
event at Russ Turner’s private airfield east of Dayton. In addition, we’re considering one
or more plane-less events whose purpose will be to simply bring together good friends for
good company.
Each of us has various constraints on our level of participation. Our jobs, our family
obligations, those pesky fluctuations in finances; all can prevent any of us from attending
every event every year. But the GWAA, your organization, is truly working hard to provide
more opportunities of interest for you. If you feel we’re heading in the right
direction, let us know. If you see a path in yet a different direction, we need you to
share that vision with us. We’re all in this together. 
We all want the GWAA to
succeed and grow. Email.
Snail-mail. Call.

Marvin Story

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