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LINKS to WWI Aircraft Sites 

Aerodrome Les Noyers  at:

Russ Turner's new home in the Dayton area, Aerodrome Les Noyers, is a modern interpretation of a WWI aerodrome.  It has all the charm of the period and all the modern comforts we are so used to.  Pay him a visit on the web, or drop by in person to see how the project is coming along!  

Airdrome Aeroplanes  at:

Robert Baslee's company "Airdrome Aeroplanes"  has revolutionized our field of interest.   His company manufactures a multitude of WWI aircraft kits in the 75% to full scale range.  Not only are his kits afforable but  also relatively easy to construct.  He provides outstanding customer service and with his diverse number of kits (both axis and allied) your bound to find a plane to build and love.  If you are truely interested in building your own plane then this site is a must visit. 

Albatros Productions at:

Home of the worlds' largest range of WWI aeroplane books and journals for modellers and enthusiasts. If you're fans of classic aircraft such as the Albatros, Bristol Fighter, BE2, Fokker, Gotha, Nieuport, Pfalz, Roland, Rumpler, SE5a, Sopwith Camel, Pup and Triplane, Spad and many more, this is the site for you! Written and produced by experts in the field like Greg Alegi, Jack Bruce
, Ray Rimell and Harry Woodman, They offer the finest references available, whether you're interested in aces, camouflage and markings, squadron histories, technical data on aircraft and modelling WWI aeroplanes, they cover it all! 

Cross and Cockade International at:  

Cross and Cockade International publishes an outstanding quarterly publication devoted to WWI aviation.    Excellent fresh research, amazing photos (many never before published) and indepth articles make this a must have publication for the serious WWI aviation historian.

Escadrille Nor'  

A group of enthusiasts located in Washington state who want to educate and revive interest in the  aviation pioneers of the Great War.   

The Fokker DRI:

This site is dedicated to researching and identifying all 320 Fokker DRIs built during the war. The site contains numerous photos (some never published before), specifications, books, and artwork dealing with the DRI

Golden Age Air Museum 

Located in Bethel, Pa this "living" museum features vintage aircraft from WWI and the "golden age" of flight.  They  fly most of their aircraft, have periodic airshows and offer biplane rides to the public.  WWI aircraft include a flying Rumpler C.V and Curtis JN4D Jenny, they also have a Fokker DRI and Sopwith Pup  under restoration but on display.   Located in scenic Berks county they can be contacted at (717) 933-9566. 

Kansas City Dawn Patrol at:

If Nieuports are your favorite this is the site for you.    They are located in the  Kansas City MO. area.   They are basically a group of guys who got together and built a squadron of  Graham Lee Nieuports (and some other A/C) and are now having the time of their lives.  Check them out!! 

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome at:

The OldRhinebeck Aerodrome is a "living" museum of antique aviation located in scenic Rhinebeck, New York.  The Aerodrome features aeroplanes, automobiles, motorcycles, early engines and memorabilia from 1900-1935.  They have one of the largest collections of early aeroplanes in the world, many of which regularly take to the skies during weekend airshows.   In addition there are four museum buildings loaded with aircraft from the "Golden Years" of aviation.  Weekend air shows are scheduled from mid-June through mid-October.  Saturday shows chronicle the History of Flight with Pioneer, World War I and Lindbergh era aircraft while the Sunday shows feature World War I aircraft and a mock dogfight.  With many other attractions in the local area a weekend get-away to Rhinebeck has something to offer everyone.

Over the Front 

The League of WWI Aviation Historians publishes it's  quarterly journal "Over the Front", a premier publication on WWI aviation history.   In addition, members become part of the great global community of WWI aviation history enthusiasts. Their members include researchers, modelers, replica builders and pilots and RC enthusiasts.    An outstanding organization!!

The Aerodrome,  Aces and Aircraft of World War I at:

The definitive place to go to find answers on any WWI aviation question you may have.   A great reference site for all WWI aviation related matters.

The Vintage Aviator LTD, Constructors of Military Aircraft at:     

Peter Jackson's company down under in New Zealand is dedicated to building and flying WWI replica aircraft.  He spares no expense in creating his masterpieces and his craftsmen construct  replicas as close to the original plans as  humanly possible.     Take a look at their flying  FE2B with original Beardmore engine.  He also has a couple different Sopwiths, Se5a, Fokker D.VII and an RE8 in the works.    They also have an extensive collection of original engines and  guns as well as uniforms and other relics.   Our president, Fred Murrin, has assisted The Vintage Aviator LTD with the construction of their aircraft.   Keep an eye on thier website for more surprises in the future.






















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