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It is with the most profound sadness the Great War Aeroplanes Association must report that Tom Glaeser of the Kansas City Dawn Patrol has "gone West". Very limited details are known, however he died at home January 6. Funeral arraignments are at the time unknown but will be posted as they become available.Tom was one of the original founders of the KCDP. A boyhood friend of Dick Starks and long time comrade of Mark Pierce and Dick Lemon, he flew his Nieuport 11 with a passion and flair seldom seen. Tom was a mechanical genius and originated many of the modifications in use today on the Graham Lee Nieuports. Tom was a regular at the Newville event. Known for his good nature, incessant practical jokes, and ready smile, his passing is a blow to the WWI community.  

Visitation will be from 10 to 11 Monday, January 12 with services at 11, at White Chapel, 6600 Antioch Rd., Gladstone, MO.  

The following is a link to the funeral home where services are being arranged:  Thomas Glaeser  

6 Ocbtober '13:   The "fall" living history and tactical event held at the Caesar Krauss Great War Memorial Site in Newville, PA is scheduled for October 31 through November 3, 2013.  The Great War Association Site  and a DIRECT LINK TO REGISTRATION FORM.

25 September '13:   This coming year brings us a new staff, with some familiar faces and some new blood.  See the officers and staff page for up-to-date information.

22 August '13:  Russ Turner is hard at work at his new aerodrome near Dayton, Ohio.  Check out the Facebook page, and maybe even pay him a visit!   You can find him at  and you can find that link on our "links to wwi stuff" page.

24 February '13
:  A couple of "new" videos (the videos are not new,  just somewhat lost in time) have been added to the videos page.

19 August '12:  Brad Smith has taken over the site administrator duties.  Please contact him for suggestions for improvements or additional content for the site.  His contact information has been added to the "officers and staff" page. 

13 May '12:  Added a new video of Craig Garrett's SE5a flying with a tail camera installed.  Also the association is in need of a "techy" to administer our website.  If interested please contact Mike Day.

8 February '12: Corrected Fred Jungclaus's e-mail address.

24 November '11:  Fixed the link to Mike Day's e-mail address.  Should have the new "Enlistment Form" linked shortly.  We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Holiday.

3 October '11:   The latest newsletter should be in your mailbox within a week.    Unfortunately we have had to increase dues to $22 starting in 2012.  Costs of the new format and publishing necessitated this.  There is a new link for a Fokker DRI website on our links page (check it out). 

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