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The Great War Association

The Great War Association strives to keep alive the history of the Great War, and honor those who fought it’s battles, through battle reenactments and educational events.  In addition to various special events around the country, the GWA owns the Caesar Krauss Great War Memorial Site near Newville, PA. Here, on a 100 acre sight in south-central Pennsylvania, they have authentically recreated a portion of the Western Front as it may have appeared circa 1917-1918.   

The Great War Aeroplanes Association has been involved with the GWA reenactments at Newville for the past few years providing "air cover" for those poor bastards in the trenches.  The GWAA has a Pilot's Château on the grounds  where our members can relax after the day's sorties. 

You can go to the GWA website by clicking THIS LINK

Flightline at Newville

Rick Bennett heading for the front

Watching out for flak

The front lines

Tom Glaeser starts his run to strafe the trenches

Rick finishes his pass and heads back to the aerodrome

View of the trenches and bunkers

The Pilot's Château

Marvin, Butch and Fred toast to their successful combats with a little champagne (1903 of course)

Settling in for the festivities at the Château

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