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Want to get a better feel for what we are all about before enlisting?  Need to catch up on past news?  You can find copies of past newsletters using the links below.

Spring '15:   Articles include summer event schedule in the "Message from the President", the Aerodrome Les Noyers picnic writeup, the trials and tribulations of taking a project to Dayton, the planning and execution of the Dawn Patrol "shoot down" sequences, the new Airdrome Aeroplanes 7/8 (yes, you read that right, the now have 3 sizes!) Fokker Dr.I, and lots more!

Fall '14:  Information prior to the Dayton Dawn Patrol event, Newville Recap, Sopwith Camel airfoil research, replica builders' reports, information on the new Airdrome Aeroplanes full-scale SE5A, and much more!

Fall '13:      Articles include a message from both our former and new Presidents, Newville '13, several project write ups, Dayton Wright Patrol, Aerodrome Les Noyers, Dick Lemons' E-III, Gardner recap, and more.

June '11:     Articles include Airdrome Aeroplanes, several project write ups, Wings over Wairarapa airshow, and more!

December '10:  Virginia Beach fly-in/airshow, DH-4 project update, McConnell monument dedication, Newville GWA event, and more!

September '10:  Phil Arbie's Nieuport, Albatros DVa from New Zealand, Jan's Albatros design work in CAD, and more!

May '10:   Building and flying a Sopwith Pup, rib coping jig for aluminum tube ribs, '09 Newville battle, and more!
February '10:   A visit to Bloody April, 14th Annual Gardner fly-in, 7th Biannual Dawn Patrol Rendezvous, and more!





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